Dental Implants

The simple way of getting your lost teeth back. The implant simulate the root of the tooth, on which crown is filled with the help of the screw

Cosmetic Dentistry

Don’t like your smile? too big front teeth?  too small front teeth? Rotated front teeth? with the use of highly polishable composite filing material we can mask all defecta and give a nice smile

Root Canals

Experiencing a relentless toothache? we understand the agony that comes with it.we are  here to provide you with prompt relief from your toothache through our advanced root canal procedures. 

Teeth Whitening

Eating Tobacco? Best way to make them white is teeth whitening. Use of some mild chemicals in a tray which fits to your teeth will bleach them and make them white

Dental scan

Scanner a miraculous invention in the world of dentistry we have Sirona scanner, which made life of patient easier


Want to make your teeth straight and align? we have many options. Metal, Ceramic or self ligating teeth products can help to align the teeth and give a nice smile.

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